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Dreaming of Enigmas -
the imagery of David Ramage

December 5 through March 3, 2001

Tuesday to Friday � noon to 6PM
Saturday�s � 2 to 6PM
Closed: Sunday and Monday

David Ramage
39 Madison St.
Huntington, NY 11743

[email protected] 

For 30 years, David Ramage used his camera to capture the world around him. His photographs were technically perfect, but they never satisfied his inner vision. Three years ago, he discovered the techniques and tools to bring his long- frustrated visual aspirations to reality. With the precise yet subtle tools of PhotoShop at his command, his dormant photographs found new vigor, infused with the vision that he felt his earlier work lacked. The raw pictures collected by his cameras and then carefully crafted into personal dreamscapes now resonate for him on a much deeper emotional level.

These images began as straight photographs that were altered using PhotoShop. Hours of fevered 
experimentation and lucky accidents provided the images that you see here. Printed on the new Epson 2000P, the first inkjet printer to use pigments instead of dyes, these images are truly archival, torture tested by independent laboratories to last 200 years under fluorescent lighting! Currently the best photographic process is rated to last about 65 years and average �C� prints will deteriorate badly in 20-30 years. These results have been proved under torture testing by independent laboratories. For those interested in collecting David Ramage�s work, printouts of these test results will be readily available.

David Ramage has had successful shows at IMAC with his �pre digital� imagery. He has also exhibited 
at the Upstairs Gallery in Huntington and had a two-person show with his creative partner, Michael Fairchild at C.W. Post. You can also see David�s work on-line at 

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