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Friday, May 3rd at 9pm

TICKETS:  $30.00 General Public 
/ $22.50
IMAC Members

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On Friday, May 3rd at 9pm, the Inter-Media Art Center in Huntington, Long Island will host an evening of reggae with reggae legends TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS.

Frederick Nathaniel Hibbert, better known to us as "Toots", has single-handedly opened an entire genre in music. Part preacher, part Otis-channeler, eclectic Coptic visionary, songwriter non-pareil and Jamaican Soul Man #1, Toots is a timeless, legendary, and distinctly unique musical force who has given monumental joy and epic groove-inspiration to countless individuals.

Along with Kingston, Jamaica mates Rally Gordon and Jerry Mathais a trio was formed in which Toots would take the lead. The name of the group sounded like a flower but was really a reference to his hometown of May Pen--the Maytals. Over the last 35 years they have been both witness and catalyst to the evolution of ska to the slower, cooler Rocksteady to a faster, brighter more danceable sound called Reggae. With such hits as "54-46, That's My Number", "Sweet and Dandy", "Pressure Drop", and "Recoup" Toots and the Maytals created the very genre of reggae.

Toots and his dedicated musicians, The Maytals have delighted, enlightened, and inspired, not through preachy didacticism, but through a truckload of wholesome, funky reggae. IMAC is thrilled to welcome them back to our stage.

Tickets for this performance are $30.00 ($22.50 for IMAC Members). For tickets to this performance, or for other IMAC programs, call IMAC's 24-hour Arts-Line at (631) 549-ARTS. Tickets can also be purchased at the theater from noon to 6PM, Tuesdays to Fridays, and after 2PM on the day of the show. For further information, call IMAC's business office at (631) 549-9666.

The Inter-Media Art Center, Inc. is a non-profit Media and Performing Arts Center whose programs and services are supported in part by public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency and the Suffolk County Office of Cultural Affairs, as well as by the Members of IMAC. IMAC also gratefully acknowledges support from Fleet Bank, Korg, USA, Branch Financial Services and Olivia and Harlan Fischer. 370 New York Avenue Huntington, NY 11743-3319

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